Introduction to Integrated Algebra

This calendar of lessons was prepared as a textbook-independent sequence of lessons and the order of topics can be modified based on the textbook selection.

PI indicates the content performance indicator(s) covered in the lesson. The content performance indicators were matched to the NYSED- Mathematics Core Curriculum, MST Standard 3 Pre-kindergarten - Grade 12; Revised 2005 document, Integrated Algebra section, pages 94-100.

CONTENT INDICATORS tell the instructor WHAT to teach while PROCESS INDICATORS tell the instructor HOW to teach it. Process indicators are also listed in the NYSED Mathematics Core Curriculum document, however because they involve problem solving, representation, communication, connections, and reasoning and proof, they are part of all lessons not just a select few and are not indicated as part of any individual lesson in this document. As the instructor prepares each lesson, the PROCESS STRANDS must be included on a regular and an ongoing basis. The complete list of process and content indicators can be accessed by following the link below.

Instructors are strongly advised to consult the Integrated Algebra Sample Tasks document which can also be accessed by following the link below. These sample tasks serve to further clarify the scope and depth of the content and process strands alike.

It should be noted that the use of a variety of hands-on manipulative devices as well as extensive use of the graphing calculator, for the purpose of student exploration and discovery of mathematical concepts, is strongly evident in the Mathematics Core Curriculum document. These materials should be available for classroom use.

Integrated Algebra Term 1 - Calendar of Lessons   

Integrated Algebra Term 2 - Calendar of Lessons   

Integrated Algebra Sample Tasks   

NYSED Mathematics Core Curriculum   

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